Tony Reed and Stuart Townsend, Landscape Photographers in North Yorkshire.

Reed Townsend Photography is a collaboration of images two landscape photographers in North Yorkshire, brought together into one website.

Landscape Photographers in North Yorkshire

Tony Reed "single, two dimensional images have the power to tell a story".

Landscape Photographer, Tony Reed - single, two dimensional images have the power to tell a story.My interest in photography began at university, studying geography giving me a lasting appreciation of the landscapes around us. Consequently I found myself drawn to landscape and nature photography. This passion was rekindled after attending a course in digital imaging and subsequently purchased my first digital camera.

A photograph is a single, two dimensional image but has the power to tell a story or evoke a whole range of emotions and memories. It has the power to move us and can be both beautiful and challenging.

I make photographs primarily because I love the natural world but also because I love photographs themselves.

Stuart Townsend "working in horticulture, I'm greatly influenced by nature, particularly plants".

Stuart Townsend, North Yorkshire - inspired by botanyMy work is greatly influenced by nature, particularly plants. So it will come as little surprise that having spent over 25 years working in horticulture my passion for photography and my love of plants have combined. I find the macro world so intriguing. It is only when you stop and take that second, closer look that you find and appreciate the finer details. Often missed with that first glance, it reveals a fascinating world and an endless source of inspiration.

I am largely self-taught and since 2005 I have worked exclusively with digital capture. All my images are the result of in-camera capture and processing to mimic traditional darkroom techniques. I believe photography is about waiting for the moment and capturing it with the click of a shutter, not reconstructing that moment later with a computer.