Greetings Cards

Trade Enquiries Only

All Arttus cards are printed in the United Kingdom on quality 300g Carbon Captured or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mix card and are cello wrapped with a 120g white envelope. The card designs, all blank inside, are portrait in orientation and 7in x 5in in size. This maximises their visual impact, especially when displayed in a standard spinner stand.

If required, spinner stands of 24, 36, 48 or 72 pockets can be provided.

Orders over £125.00 are carriage paid. A standard charge of £7.50 applies to all orders under £125.00.

If you require further information, just drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call on 07917 131670. You can also contact Sheryl and Kevin Reilly, Arttus Designs agents in the north of England, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07500 420865 (Sheryl) and 07557 644135 (Kevin).

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 AP001 SAT AP002 SAT 7548AP003 SAT 9780AP004 SAT 10444AP005 SAT 9784AP006 Hello SAT 13612AP007 Hoverfly SAT 5491AP008 Barn Owl DM 5AP009 Long eared Owl DM 1AP010 Kingfisher DM 3AP011 Red Squirrel DM 4AP012 Red Squirrel in Heather DM 6AP013 Little Egret DM 7AP014 Robin DM 8AP015 Herdwick Sheep SAT 17480AP016 Hungry Herdy SAT 17534FP001 SAT 9005FP002 SAT 10192FP003 SAT 10335FP004 SAT 10427FP005 SAT 5209FP006 SAT 8271FP007 SAT 5080FP008 SAT 8462FP009 SAT 4085FP010 SAT 5899FP011 SAT 6698FP012 SAT 8157FP013 SAT 10140FP014 SAT 11254FP015 SAT 10499FP016 SAT 12103FP017 SAT FP018 Calla Lily SAT 6501FP019 White Narcissus SAT 12805FP020 Razzmatazz SAT 12772FP021 Crocus sieberi SAT 12678FP022 Snowdrop SAT 11100FP023 Walkington Sunflower SAT 15416FP024 Blushing Hellebore SAT 14245FP025 Red White Dahlia SAT 11426FP026 Poppy SAT 15433FP027 Windflower SAT 14318FP028 Golden Eye SAT 15033FP029 Duet SAT 14622LP001 SAT 8393LP002 SAT 9918LP004 SAT 7647LP003 SAT 7156LP005 SAT 8625LP007 SAT 11372LP008 SAT 10227LP010 Goit Stock Waterfall Bingley AER 14290LP011 AER 14291LP012 SAT 13653LP013 SAT 13751LP014 AER 14293LP015 SAT 13060LP016 SAT 13015LP018 SAT 9311LP019 Silver Cascade SAT 11693LP020 Silhouette SAT 14001LP021 Yew Tree Farm SAT 14932LP022 little Egret SAT 17462GP001 Boardwalk to the Pavilion SAT 9040GP002 Magnesia Well Cafe SAT 11985GP003 The Avenue SAT 15379GP004 Herbaceous Border SAT 15384GP005 The Summerhouse SAT 15399GP006 My Back Garden SAT 15317